Dinosaurs and the survival horror video game genre seem like a match made in heaven, though you don’t really see them playing together all that often. The few things I can think of off the top of my head are more than a decade old or they lack the “horror” ingredient of the “survival horror” recipe.

So the upcoming game Goner, by Spanish studio Loco Players, scratches a very particular itch that’s gone unscratched for far too long now. On the surface, Goner might look similar to something like Ark: Survival Evolved. However, Ark is a survival sandbox, while Goner is taking a more narrative-focused approach. According to a recent press release:

In Goner you will embark on a journey of primal terror starring Anthony Sunder, a son looking for his missing mother and her expedition crew. His search will lead him to the location of a ghost island inhabited by hostile members of a lost civilization and feral fauna you thought extinct.

While I can’t deny that I can see splices of Ark in Goner‘s DNA, I’m also spotting traces of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Dino Crisis, and even just a pinch of The Long Dark. And don’t forget the 1993 blockbuster film Jurassic Park.


I’m not alone in making the Dino Crisis connection here. Yeray Schwartz, CEO, of Loco Players, made this comment:

There’re many dinosaur games but there has been no single player, story driven survival-horror game since Dino Crisis was released 20 years ago, and that one was not from the first-person perspective.

Goner‘s Kickstarter campaign will be launching on August 4, 2020. If, like me, you think this looks promising, you can visit the Kickstarter page right now and hit the “Notify me on launch” button to be reminded to show your support when August 4 rolls around.

Check out the Kickstarter announcement trailer below.

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3 years ago

The game looks great!

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