Wiley the Cat

Good gaming buddies are hard to come by. Wiley ‘Wildman’ Watkins was a great gaming buddy, although he was definitely more of a lap gaming buddy when he was yet still a babe. Even as he aged — the little bit of aging he was able to do, at least (he only made it past his first birthday) — he continued to be a great gaming buddy. He just moved away from the whole lap thing.

But he was still with me, snuggled up by my side or within close proximity, during most — if not all — of the greatest gaming moments I’ve experienced over the past year or so.

Wiley the Cat

He was an especially great gaming buddy during this whole pandemic lockdown period. Simply glancing over and seeing his latest wacky sleeping pose would put a big smile on my face, and a song in my heart.

Wiley was tragically taken from this world last week. It was sudden and I am still grieving. Gaming is definitely less fun without him, as is life in general and as a whole.

But I wanted to honor my great gaming buddy today. If you have a great gaming buddy of your own, maybe give yours a chin-scratch for me and my boy Wiley.

Wiley the Cat
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