PC Building Simulator

I’ve been a console gaming enthusiast for my entire life. Although I have played a few games on PC over the years, owning an actual gaming rig has always seemed like a bridge too far.

However, now that I am a little older and more financially secure, I figure it might be time to finally purchase a gaming PC. After doing a little research, I realized that unless I want to take out a second mortgage, buying a prefab gaming PC might still be too rich for my blood.

Plus, I don’t even own a home or have a first mortgage, so a second mortgage is probably out of the question.

But after seeing Superman himself, Henry Cavill, recently build his own rig, I thought maybe I could build my own. Although this is by no means as intricate as breaking out the soldering iron and manufacturing my own silicone or whatever, it does still require a bit of know-how that I don’t currently possess.

That’s when I stumbled upon PC Building Simulator on the PlayStation Store. Eureka! It even says in the description that it aims to teach novices like myself what each part does and in which order they should be installed.

PC Building Simulator

The fact that it uses actual licensed parts and brands bodes well for the likelihood that I might actually learn exactly what I need here. Maybe I’ll not only build a real-life PC, but perhaps it will be the real-world manifestation of the exact rig I put together in game. My excitement is palpable.

So, can this one simulator actually teach me how to build my own PC, or will I crash and burn? Stay tuned to Half-Glass Gaming for the answer to that question, which I am hoping will be submitted via my new gaming PC.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for PC Building Simulator below.

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