No Man's Sky - Derelict Freighter

Inevitably, when a game like No Man’s Sky receives a fairly hefty update, things inside the game start falling apart. Desolation, the update that adds derelict freighters to the impossibly large space-exploration game, is not immune to this. There have been a pretty sizeable number of bugs since Desolation dropped last week, many of them involving the new freighter customization features.

In fact, when I was playing No Man’s Sky recently (after the Desolation update), I found that my character would keep glitching through the walls of my freighter as I was trying to edit the room layout. This would either cause me to become permanently trapped inside the wall (until I reloaded my save) or flung into the vast expanse of space without proper protection, which would lead to death by suffocation.

I have uploaded a video of my character getting stuck to illustrate my point.

Patch 2.61 attempts to address some of these issues. While I don’t see the bug I experienced specifically mentioned on the list, it does look like there are enough freighter-related fixes that my editing glitch might have worked itself out as a byproduct.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I really want to get my freighter redesigned. (And yes, I did submit a bug report to Hello Games.)

You can read the full patch notes on the No Man’s Sky official website.

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