No Man’s Sky Is Getting Spooky with Desolation

No Man's Sky Desolation

No Man’s Sky fans rejoice! The epic space sandbox has received yet another universe-sized update, this time adding derelict freighters for the bravest of interlopers to explore. Update 2.6 is called Desolation, and it’s the spookiest update since The Abyss (which added submarines and some pretty creepy underwater environments).

Additionally, Desolation lets players update the colors of their freighters, and even build teleporters on them. Both of these are welcome additions for freighter freaks.

On top of all the cool freighter stuff, there’s the usual quality-of-life updates and some bug fixes. You can read the full patch notes on the No Man’s Sky official website.

Hello Games has put a lot of love into this game, and No Man’s Sky is a much better game because of this love. Give them a round of applause (or just show your support by logging in and spending some time in their game).

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