Red Dead Online Fossil Hunting

When it comes to updates for Red Dead Online, the trail has been long and dusty indeed. However, today Rockstar finally dropped Update 1.20. Not only does this update add the Naturalist Role, Legendary Animals, and the long-overdo Outlaw Pass Season 3, but it also adds some new collectables for the Collector role to dig up.

The descriptions for these fossil sets can be found in your Collector’s Bag.

Red Dead Online Fossils

There are three types of fossils: Coastal Fossils, Oceanic Fossils, and Megafauna Fossils. Here’s a complete list:

Coastal Fossils (7 fossils)

Value: $217.00

  • Agatized Coral Fossil
  • Bivalve Fossil
  • Brachiopod Fossil
  • Common Petrified Wood Fossil
  • Cephalopod Fossil
  • Petoskey Stone Fossil
  • Neospirifer Fossil

Oceanic Fossils (7 fossils)

Value: $288.50

  • Tully Monster Fossil
  • Isotelus Trilobite Fossil
  • Sea Lilly Fossil
  • Cryptolithus Trilobite Fossil
  • Yellow Cat Petrified Wood Fossil
  • Rainbow Petrified Wood Fossil
  • Sea Scorpion Fossil

Megafauna Fossils (6 fossils)

Value: $321.00

  • Upper Tooth Fossil
  • Serrated Tooth Fossil
  • Toe Sickle Claw Fossil
  • Tail Spike Fossil
  • Brow Horn Fossil
  • Front Tooth Fossil

Each of these fossil sets brings in a pretty hefty price if you can collect all of the fossils in the set. So Collectors, start digging!

If you need help locating these in the wild, check out this nifty interactive collectables map. Just note that the map tends to be less accurate whenever a major game update releases.

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3 years ago

I have the fossil map but when I go to the spot I find nothing there. Do I need a special tool? What the hay I find nothing.

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