Steamworld Dig

Super Rare Games is really living up to their name.

The company puts out incredibly limited runs of physical indie games for the Nintendo Switch, such as the beloved Gris and The Sexy Brutale. Of course, if you want to nab one of their games, you’ve got to be quick; these things often sell out unbelievably fast.

Their latest offering, Steamworld Dig Collection for Switch (a cartridge that includes Steamworld Dig 1 and 2), went on sale on Thursday, July 16, 2020, and it was available for less than two days before it sold out. (Steamworld Heist: Ultimate Edition went up at the same time, but this one is still available at the time of this writing).

Steamworld Dig

If you’re still hoping to get a copy of the beautiful physical edition of Steamworld Dig for Switch, you’ve got one last shot at this, but it’s going to cost you. There’s a bundle that includes Steamworld Dig Collection, plus the next two Super Rare games (which haven’t been announced yet). Of course, the price tag on this bundle is $135.71, and it includes two mystery games.

Super Rare tends to put out awesome stuff, so it might be worth the risk if you’ve got an extra hundo or so burning a hole in your pocket. If you just want to play these incredible games without the collectible cartridge, the digital editions are still available at a much lower price.

It is super cool, though, to have some pretty game boxes on your shelf.

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