Final Fantasy XIV

It might seem amazing that Final Fantasy XIV is still kicking after all these years, especially considering the state the game launched in (leading to an eventual re-launch). Of course, to anyone who’s been paying attention to the MMO, it’s perhaps a foregone conclusion, especially after last year’s phenomenal Shadowbringers expansion.

Now, Square Enix is preparing for the end of the Shadowbringers storyline with Update 5.3, Reflections in Crystal.

This update brings a ton of content into the game, including a new raid that was co-created by the legendary Yoko Taro (of NieR fame) and Yosuke Saito. The level 80 raid is called The Puppets’ Bunker, and it’s the second part of YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, a NieR: Automata-themed raid.

Additionally, there’s a new dungeon, new quests, new Trails, and so much more. No really, really, this update is a mega-beefy one.

You can see the full patch notes on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone website, and definitely check out the trailer below.

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