Outbreak: The New Nightmare

Update: The issue appears to have worked itself out. The full text of the original article is below.

I’ve been dabbling with the recent Outbreak: The New Nightmare a bit lately, and I’ve noticed something troubling. The game seems to have broken my PlayStation Trophies collection.

Typically, when I fire up a PS3 or PS4 game, one of the very first things I do is check the Trophies. I like to see what sort of fun activities are in store for me and get a feel for how much of a challenge that elusive Platinum Trophy might be.

I did the same thing with Outbreak: The New Nightmare. Or, I attempted to at least. The thing is, there were no Trophies in sight. “Hmm,” I said to myself, “maybe this game just doesn’t have any Trophies?” That would be weird for a PS4 game — off the top of my head, I can’t recall a single PS4 game without Trophy support — but Outbreak: The New Nightmare is far from normal.

So I proceeded for a bit until my character died for the first time, at which point I definitely popped a Trophy (it’s called “Nice Knowin’ Ya”). I checked the Trophy menu once again and the game wasn’t even showing up. On top of that, the sync tends to hang at 75% now.

Trophy List

So I checked the Outbreak: The New Nightmare landing page in the PS4 menu, and there’s just a message saying, “Check back soon!”

Outbreak: The New Nightmare Landing Page

This is very mysterious. I’ve not seen this sort of thing happen before, and it makes me a little bit concerned about my Trophy library. Is it going to be perpetually stuck trying to load the Outbreak: The New Nightmare Trophies, or is this something that will ultimately work itself out (or be fixed in a patch)?

Hopefully I find a way out of this Trophy trouble. I’ll update this post when it works itself out. Until then, my fingers are crossed for a quick fix, and I’ll keep pushing onward through this zombie apocalypse.

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