Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

A “show” in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout consists of 60 players competing in elimination match across five rounds of randomly selected game modes. If you are on an even playing field with everyone you’re competing against, your chances of winning would be 1/60, or less than 2%.

However, it’s not an even playing field. Some players are really, really good. And this means who knows what your chances of winning are?

I bring up these statistics simply because I beat the odds. I decided to stream my very fist day of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (you can follow the channel on Twitch), and about two and a half hours in, I actually won a match.

Here’s the video:

The mode I won in was Royal Fumble, which people have been complaining about quite a bit (and I can see why). So I played a bit cheaply to get this win. I’m not going to lie. But a win is a win, and I will take it.

Now, I’ve actually never won a match of Call of Duty: Warzone (though I’ve placed in the top ten several times) or Fortnite — or any battle royale-type game, really — so I never actually expected to win a match of Fall Guy. But I did, and it feels incredible.

Fall Guy: Ultimate Knockout is a surprisingly addictive game, and it only gets more addictive once you’ve tasted sweet, sweet victory.

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