Mortal Shell

In the Fallgrim section of Mortal Shell — basically, the first part of the game after the short combat tutorial — you’ll want to watch your step. The ground is littered with bear traps, and stepping on one will damage you and leave you vulnerable to attacks until you can pry yourself free.

However, you can also use these to your advantage. If you lure an enemy into one, they’ll be temporarily incapacitated, giving you an opening in which to deal some damage.

As you’re beginning to learn the game’s interconnected combat systems, this can actually be a lifesaver. Instead of rushing a group of enemies head-on, you can approach them slowly, then lure them into a trap and strike while they’re wrestling to get free.

But these little buggers are everywhere. One misstep and you could fall victim to their steel jaws. In the heat of combat, it’s actually quite easy to stumble into one yourself, making the bear traps sort of a double-edged sword. They’re great when used to your advantage, but they’re also a constant reminder that Mortal Shell is a game to be played cautiously rather than rushed through.

I’ve recorded some gameplay of my attempt at using the bear traps in Mortal Shell to my advantage. I do, however, end up stepping in one myself at one point. You can check out the two-minute video below.

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