Mortal Shell - Playing the Simple Lute

In Mortal Shell, you can pick up a lute and hammer out some tunes if you’d like. The first lute you’ll find is almost certainly going to be the Simple Lute, which is located in what’s basically the first bandit camp you’ll see in the game. (From where you enter Fallgrim, simply walk into the swamp and the camp will be on the right — it’s the same place where you’ll see all the bear traps.)

You’ll have to play the Simple Lute ten times to max out your Familiarity with it. Your character will sort of experience a learning curve, getting better at the lute the more you play it. Even though there are ten steps in the learning process, there are not ten unique songs; many of them are the same.

When you max out your Familiarity, you will see the full flavor text:

Simple Lute

Practice makes perfect.

The sheer audacity incites enemies to violence from a great distance.

“A simple lute.”

“Pleasures in Fallgrum are few, but the music from a simple lute serves to soothe man and beast alike.”

So, if you’re wondering what it does, it basically lets you aggro enemies from a distance. The first time you pull enemies with the Simple Lute, you will unlock The Good Times Are Killing Me Trophy/Achievement. It’s said that maxing your Familiarity with the Simple Lute will allow you to pull enemies from a further distance, but I’ve not tested this to confirm it.

Here’s a video of all ten Simple Lute songs in Mortal Shell (though several of them are repeats).

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