Mortal Shell - Corrupted Sester

In Mortal Shell, Corrupted Sester is a secondary merchant whom you can buy forbidden items from. It’s quite useful to find her, as she holds the Forbidden Offering — which lets you upgrade your Tarnished Seal — as well as all four types of effigy.

Mortal Shell - Corrupted Sester

Here’s a look at what she offers:

  • Tainted Nektar (250 Tar)
  • Effigy of Harros (500 Tar)
  • Effigy of Solomon (1,000 Tar)
  • Effigy of Tiel (1,000 Tar)
  • Effigy of Eredrim (1,000 Tar)
  • Forbidden Offering (3,000 Tar)

Corrupted Sester is a bit tricky to find, as she’s hidden quite well, but she’s underneath the Seat of Infinity (it’s the tower that looks like Isengard). As you approach the bridge that leads to the tower, simply go to the left and walk parallel to the bridge. As you get near her, you’ll see a small door at the base of the tower. Corrupted Sester is in a little cavern there.

If you want to see how to get to Corrupted Sester from Fallgrim Tower, you can check out the walkthrough video below.

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