Red Dead Online - Legendary Coyote

Ever since the big Naturalist update (Patch 1.20), Rockstar Games has been adding new Legendary animals to Red Dead Online every week. This week is no exception, with two new Legendary coyotes, the Legendary Red Streak Coyote and the Legendary Midnight Paw Coyote.

While last week we saw some limited-time rewards for taking down the new Legendaries (it was two gators last week), this week’s bonuses have nothing to do with the Legendary coyotes. This is probably a good thing, as people were over-farming the gators last week to the point where you were lucky to even spot one.

Red Dead Online - August 11 Update

This week, you can get a free horse ranked 40 or below if you manage to track down all of the Legendary animals Harriet has requested in her Sighting Missions. This offer ends August 17.

Bounty Hunters and Traders have some rewards this week as well. Fist off, the Bounty Hunter and Trader roles have a 5 Gold Bar Discount, meaning the buy-in for each of these roles will be 10 Gold Bars instead of 15. If you still haven’t bought into these roles, now is a great time to do so. (And if you jump into the Trader role, check out my full Trader guide over at Lightgun Galaxy.)

To top it off, Traders and Bounty Hunters get a 50% RDO$ reward increase (I assume that applies to bounties and goods sold.) And then there are 30% discounts on several items relating to these roles (such as horses and outfits).

Red Dead Online players also got some new clothing options as well. You can see all of it in Dirty Tyler’s video below.

Also, just like last week, Red Dead Online got some new start screen art to celebrate the new Legendary animals.

Happy hunting, y’all!

Red Dead Online - Legendary Coyotes
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