Red Dead Online - Legendary Banded Gator

Red Dead Online, the online component to the massive Red Dead Redemption 2, has been getting regular content updates every Tuesday for as long as I’ve been playing it. Before the big Naturalist update, that content slowed to a drip feed, with a lot of recycled items (returning limited-time items and discounts).

After the Naturalist update, though, things seemed to accelerate, with a decent amount of fresh content every single week.

It looks like things are perhaps slowing down a bit, as today’s update is a pretty minor one when compared with the past three or four. Today, we get one new Legendary animal in Red Dead Online, the Legendary Banded Gator.

Red Dead Online - Legendary Banded Gator

This one’s a bit different than previous Legendaries, though, as this comes via a Sighting Mission from Harriet rather than being found in the wild (you will have to hit level 5 in the Naturalist role before the Sighting Missions become available). This is actually a good thing, I think, because it will make samples and hides much easier to collect (the world-roaming Legendaries can be very difficult to find in the wild).

With the Legendary Banded Gator comes a new coat, the Banded Coat, which you can craft at Gus’s shop. If you can manage to get the coat this week, you’ll be rewarded with an additional vest.

Red Dead Online - Legendary Banded Gator

On top of that, there are some rewards for buying from Gus. If you can craft any item at Gus’s shop before August 31, you’ll get 25 free Trader Goods. If you can craft a trinket specifically, you’ll get a free poncho.

There’s some new clothing available in the shop as well, and you can see all of the new options in the Dirty Tyler video below.

And, as always, we got a new sign-in screen to commemorate the new content. Good luck on those gator hunts, fellow Red Dead Online players!

Red Dead Online - Legendary Banded Gator
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