Red Dead Online Offers Limited-Time Bonuses for Naturalists

Red Dead Online - Naturalist

If you haven’t yet tried out the new Naturalist role in Red Dead Online, Rockstar is offering up some bonuses to incentivize you. You can earn a bunch of cool stuff simply for participating. And you should; the naturalist role is a ton of fun.

Buying into the Naturalist role will cost you 25 Gold Bars (if that seems out of your price range, check out this guide to making Gold in Red Dead Online). If you cough up the dough, you’ll earn a free role accessory, outfit, or emote.

You’ll earn more goodies as you perform various tasks related to the role. Sedate and sample any animal and you’ll receive the exclusive Gila Monster flag for your camp. Complete a Sighting mission and you’ll get a Farnholme Double Bandolier.

As a part of the role, progressing through the ranks will earn you various rewards, one of those rewards being the wilderness camp. If you can pitch a wilderness camp just one time, you’ll earn a teasure map.

All of these rewards should be mailed to your character in-game within 48 hours of completing the associated tasks. Now get out there and stun some bunnies!

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