Red Dead Online - Gator Bonuses

Every Tuesday, there is a small update to Red Dead Online, the online component to Rockstar’s massive open-world cowboy game Red Dead Redemption 2. However, during the time period leading up to Update 1.20 (the Naturalist update), those content drops started looking pretty pathetic. Sometimes, we’d get nothing more that some discounts and bonus XP for certain role activities, and maybe a temporary return of some limited-time clothing items.

That looks like it’s changing. For now, at least.

Today’s Red Dead Online update is a meaty one. The core of the update is alligators, with two new legendary alligators added to the game, the Teca and Sun Gators. And with new alligators comes new rewards. Gus will craft you the Teca Coat and the Sun Coat if you can procure the hides of these deadly animals.

Red Dead Online - Gator Bonuses

On top of that, for a limited time, you’ll get some extra goodies for participating in these hunts. If you have Gus trade you one of the coats mentioned in the above paragraph, you’ll be rewarded with a unique colorway of the Corchado Poncho. And there’s more: If you can take down the Teca Gator, you’ll get a special colorway of the O’Quinn Hat, and if you can take down the Sun Gator, you’ll get a special colorway of the Helsby Gloves. We assume that “taking down” means either killing and skinning or sedating and sampling, as that is the “win state” of the Legendary Hunts.

On top of all that, there’s also a 50% RDO$ bonus for selling hides or samples of the new Legendary Gators.

But that’s not all. A bunch of new clothing was added to the shop, which you can see in Dirty Tyler’s video below.

And, while this last thing is certainly not as exciting as all the other stuff, we also got new gator-themed images in the menu screen.

Red Dead Online - Gator Bonuses

Happy hunting, fellow Red Dead-ers.

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