Red Dead Online - Elk Costume

If you tried to login to Red Dead Online over the past few days, you might have experienced some issues. Ever since update 1.21, which rolled out on Monday, August 10, players have been experiencing all sorts of weird bugs, some reporting flying horses and alligator rain, while others simply couldn’t shoot or find animals in their games. In case you weren’t aware, these things are not part of the normal Red Dead Online experience (well, animals not appearing kind of is a normal part of the Red Dead Online experience…)

Personally, I didn’t see any of that wild stuff, but I had a lot of problems staying connected this week. I was only able to stay in the game for a few minutes before getting booted. If I tried to use a fast travel post, booted. If I tried to open the game menu, booted. It was frustrating, to say the least, though I was still able to keep my daily challenge streak alive through all that.

Rockstar admitted that this was a problem on Tuesday, but today they’ve finally released patch 1.22, which is really just a rollback of patch 1.21 that takes the game back to the state it was in on July 28 (which was actually pretty solid, I might say).

Red Dead Online - Legendary Coyote

I logged in for a few minutes and I didn’t have any immediate issues, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t any. Hopefully this all gets worked out soon — I’ve got coyotes to hunt!

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