Iron Harvest

So there I was, enjoying a cuppa and relaxing on this fine Sunday morning. I decided to watch some random bio video on Rob Dyrdek on YouTube, and I was treated to something I normally hate: an ad before the video.

YouTube is usually pretty good about letting you skip most ads or keeping the ones you can’t skip to a few seconds. So normally I just take it, like my medicine, like a good boy. But this time was different. I didn’t even notice if there was an option to skip the ad or not, because this specific advertisement was a cinematic trailer for Iron Harvest 1920. I was sucked in from the get go.

I mean, just look at this. From the sniper overlooking peaceful, seemingly European small town to the towering steampunk mechs and Wolfenstein-looking storm troopers, this is such a great trailer.

Once the bullets start to fly and mechs start to rip shit up, it really amps up. The way the viewpoint is sort of riding shotgun in the perspective of that frightened — and now orphaned — kid, this trailer does a bang-up job setting the mood. We, the viewers, know the stakes, much like the straights, are dire.

At the end, as we see the full breadth of the mech assault that’s moving toward the front. By that point, I knew I wanted to play the shit out of this game!

Iron Harvest 1920

Why hadn’t I heard of this before? Who’s job was it to get this information to me before I was blindsided by a fucking YouTube ad? Why am I so upset and screaming at my laptop? (Seriously.)

It turns out, after cursory investigation, this trailer is for a real-time strategy game (or RTS if you will), which is not really my cup of tea. And I’m not just saying that because, at this very moment, my cup of tea is a vanilla chai with soy vanilla creamer and cinnamon honey. I just do not find RTS games all that enjoyable. It’s is a shame, because this trailer really had me hyped for Iron Harvest 1920.

Oh well, the trailer is still rip-roarin’ good.

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