Nexomon: Extinction

For the most part, Nexomon: Extinction follows the classic Pokémon formula pretty closely. However, it does diverge from the template in some interesting ways. One of those ways is that it offers nine starter Nexomon rather than three. You do have the three basic Pokémon types of Fire, Water, and Plant (called Leaf in Pokémon), but Nexomon: Extinction also includes a starter for each of the other six element types (Normal, Ghost, Psychic, Mineral, Electric, and Wind).

You’ll choose your first starter in the beginning of the game, and no mater which one you pick, you can find the other eight in the wild. Nexomon: Extinction‘s world is huge and the starters are “Ultra Rare,” so they can be a bit hard to find. Thanks to YouTuber Gym Leader Ed, there’s a video guide that shows where you can find each of the nine starters.

You can watch the full video below:

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