Expansion packs have been a part of The Sims since The Sims 1, while stuff packs have been around from The Sims 2 onwards. Game packs, however, are new to The Sims 4. These packs are designed to be tightly-focused expansions of The Sims 4‘s gameplay. While Expansion packs typically introduce a slew of new features, Game packs are all about building depth on a specific area of gameplay.

With a standard price of $19.99 or retail equivalent, Game packs are a more affordable way to add new content and items to your game. If you’re interested in Game packs, but you’re not sure which packs are right for you, check out our overview of each pack below. If you’d prefer to splurge on an Expansion pack, you can find an overview of each pack here.

Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat

In Outdoor Retreat, Sims can vacation in the great outdoors. Whether Sims choose to pitch a tent and sleep under the stars or relax in a luxurious cabin, this pack gives them an opportunity to get away from it all. Although the pack comes with a new world, Granite Falls, your Sims can’t live here; this map is exclusively for vacations.

This pack includes a new skill, Herbalism, which allows Sims to concoct a variety of herb-based potions. It also gives Sims a new aspiration, Outdoor Enthusiast, the Squeamish trait, and plenty of new collectibles and activities. In addition to gameplay, the pack includes more than 65 build-and-buy items and over 80 new clothing pieces, hairstyles, and accessories.

Get this pack if:

  • You want to add vacation lots to your game
  • You’re looking for more outdoor-themed content
  • You’re into collectibles

Skip this pack if:

  • You prefer luxurious vacations
  • You want a new world your Sims can live in permanently
  • You don’t want to worry about bug bites

Sims 4: Spa Day

Being a Sim can get pretty stressful. Thankfully, Spa Day gives Sims plenty of ways to relax and unwind. Spa Day is all about wellness; in fact it even introduces a brand-new Wellness skill to the game. There are three different activities that Sims can use to build wellness: meditation, massage, and yoga.

While the pack allows players to build their own spa — or use one of the three pre-made spas that come with the pack — players don’t have the option of running a spa business. With that said, the pack does offer an impressive 122 build-and-buy objects and 55 new Create-A-Sim items.

Get this pack if:

  • Your Sims are always tense
  • You want The Sims 4 to feel more relaxing
  • You love massage and yoga

Skip this pack if:

  • You want to keep your Sims on edge
  • You’re not into wellness-themed items and activities
  • You’re looking for new towns, jobs, and business options

Sims 4: Dine Out

As the name might suggest, Dine Out is all about restaurants. Sims can go out on romantic dinner dates, grab a meal with their closest friends, or even take the whole family out for a bite. Entrepreneurial Sims can own and manage their own restaurants, creating custom menus and working to earn a five-star rating.

Although the pack ships with several pre-made eateries, restaurants are fully customizable. There are more than 100 new restaurant-themed build-and-buy items, as well as 40 new items for Create-A-Sim. Many of the clothing items are designed to look like restaurant uniforms, allowing players to find the perfect workwear for their employees. The pack also includes some fancy apparel that’s perfect for a night out.

Get this pack if:

  • You’re interested in managing a Sim restaurant
  • You want more options for dates and activities
  • Your Sims spend a lot of time cooking

Skip this pack if:

  • You don’t want to deal with buggy gameplay
  • Managing a restaurant isn’t up your alley
  • You’re interested in Build-and-Buy items you can use for home decorating

Sims 4: Vampires

Bored of ordinary life simulations? Vampires gives players the chance to simulate the undead. While this pack introduces the Vampire lifestate to the game, it also adds plenty of exciting new gameplay. Once a Sim becomes the vampire, they can begin working their way through a skill tree, acquiring new powers and new weaknesses.

Even if you decide to stick to playing as a regular human, you’ll be able to enjoy the new Vampire Lore and Pipe Organ skills and plenty of goth-friendly clothing and furniture. There are over 150 new Build-and-Buy items and more than 60 Create-A-Sim items. The pack also comes with a new world: the spooky Forgotten Hollow.

Get this pack if:

  • You’re looking for new challenges and gameplay
  • You want to decorate Gothic mansions
  • You want a new world for your game

Skip this pack if:

  • You don’t enjoy occult content in the Sims
  • You’re not a fan of spooky clothing and furniture
  • Your Sims love to spend time in the sun

Sims 4: Parenthood

Parenthood works to expand and add depth to parenting in The Sims 4. Sims can now raise their Parenting skills and work to mold their children into stable — or unstable — young adults. Growing Sims now have characters values that can increase or decrease based on their parent’s actions. When a Sim grows up, those values can give them negative or positive traits. For example, a Sim that earns the Responsibility trait will perform better at their chosen job. A Sim with the Bad Manners trait might fail to flush the toilet or burp and fart in public.

Parents can now ground their children, set curfews, or ask them to do basic chores, like set the table. Siblings may struggle to get along, creating new types of conflict. Thanks to the Teachable Moments system children will come to parents when they need advice (or when they’ve gotten in trouble at school). In addition to this robust expansion of gameplay, the pack includes more than 90 Build-and-Buy items and 60 new items for Create-A-Sim.

Get this pack if:

  • You’re a fan of family gameplay
  • You enjoyed The Sims 3: Generations
  • You’re looking for more basic home decor and furniture

Skip this pack if:

  • You mostly ignore toddlers, children, and teens
  • You want a pack with a new career or world
  • You’d prefer to keep parenting simple

Sims 4: Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventures allows Sim to visit a brand-new vacation destination: Selvadorada. Players can rent a bungalow and soak up the local culture or adventure in the jungle, explore ruins, and search for treasure. The pack introduces the Archaeology skill and two new aspirations: Archaeology Scholar and Jungle Explorer.

There are two new classes of collectibles in Jungle Adventures: Omiscan treasures and Ancient Omiscan artifacts. There are also fake relics, new fish types, and new artifacts. Players can display their spoils or even build their own museum with the new collection case item. The game adds a whopping 170 new Build-and-Buy items to the game, as well as more than 50 new options in Create-A-Sim.

Get this pack if:

  • You want a new vacation destination
  • You loved The Sims 3: World Adventures
  • You’re a big fan of collectibles

Skip this pack if:

  • Your Sims prefer to stay at home
  • You want new worlds that aren’t vacation lots
  • You’re looking for basic, everyday Build-and-Buy items

Sims 4: Strangerville

Strangerville is unique from other Sims packs in that it’s story-themed. Players can now live in Strangerville, a rural town that’s filled with secrets. Little by little, players can unravel the riddles of Strangerville and get to the bottom of the mystery. The storyline can be completed in approximately 5 hours.

While the meat of this pack is its plot, there are still things for players to do once they’ve cracked the Strangerville case. The pack includes the Military career track and a world map with 9 residential and 2 community lots. It also includes more than 100 Build-and-Buy items and over 50 new options for Create-A-Sim.

Get this pack if:

  • You want more story content in your Sims games
  • You’re interested in building trailer parks
  • You want a new world and career

Skip this pack if:

  • You’re constantly starting new save files
  • You prefer to make your own story in The Sims
  • You love building luxury houses

Sims 4: Realm of Magic

Realm of Magic is the second occult-themed Game Pack for The Sims 4. This pack introduces the new Spellcaster lifestate. Like vampires, Spellcasters can hone their magic skills and put points into a skill tree, unlocking practical spells like Repairio as well as wackier spells like Morphiate, which turns a Sim into an inanimate object. Players can make a Spellcaster in Create-A-Sim or have their Sim learn magic from a Sage. Spellcasting can also be passed down by blood, though skills will vary based on whether a Sim is part of a strong or weak bloodline.

This pack includes a beautiful new world, Glimmerbrook, but that world is pretty tiny. The map only contains five lots. With that said, players can access an additional special lot, The Realm of Magic, by walking through a not-so-hidden portal. While visiting Glimmerbrook, players can discover all kinds of magical collectibles, as well as some magic-themed books. There are more than 70 Build-And-Buy items in the pack and 57 new Create-A-Sim options.

Get this pack if:

  • You want to add cheats to your game without using cheat codes
  • You want a change from basic Sims gameplay
  • You’re interested in building witchy cottages

Skip this pack if:

  • You don’t enjoy occult gameplay
  • You want to add a larger world to your game
  • You’re interested in a new career track
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