Nexomon: Extinction

I’m already in love with Nexomon: Extinction. While I’ve admittedly got a bit of Pokémon fatigue right now, Nexomon has a different enough feel to it that I’m really enjoying it. Here, there’s a level of meta humor that Pokémon really doesn’t attempt, and the Nexomon: Extinction story in engrossing right out of the gate. I can see myself playing this for a long, long time.

And that made me wonder if Nexomon: Extinction features a New Game Plus mode of any sort.

Nexomon: Extinction

It turns out, it doesn’t right now. The current endgame, as I understand it, is similar to Pokémon‘s in that you’ll be out cleaning up your dex and hunting legendaries.

However, there will be a New Game Plus mode in the future, according to a post on the official Nexomon: Extinction website. In fact, the developers have also promised a major free content update and a hardcore mode.

On top of that, we should be seeing a patch (day 1 on Steam, and about a week later on consoles) which features some balancing tweaks and some other improvements.

You can see the full list of changes currently planned for Nexomon: Extinction in the image below.

Nexomon: Extinction - Upcoming Features
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