Among Trees

Among Trees has a decent amount of content, even in its current Early Access state. One of the more satisfying elements is upgrading your cabin to unlock all the rooms and crafting options.

There are several additions you can build for your cabin, including a greenhouse, which allows you to grow your own crops instead of having to venture into the surrounding forest to harvest edible plants. This is especially helpful once you begin to diminish the local flora close to your cabin, which will result in longer and longer treks just to get some mushrooms to fill your belly.

Although the gardening mechanic isn’t incredibly difficult to grasp, nor is it as opaque in instruction as the game’s fishing mechanic, a little bit of a leg up is never a bad thing. So let’s talk gardening in Among Trees.

Among Trees

First you will need to secure enough materials to construct the greenhouse, which will be an extension of your kitchen. To build the greenhouse you will need the following:

  • 24 Fir Planks
  • 3 Metal Plates
  • 1 Glue

To craft the three Metal Plates, you will need:

  • 3 Steel Wire
  • 3 Steel Pipe
  • 3 Nails

The Glue requires:

  • 1 Lime Mineral
  • 1 Larch Resin
  • 4 Yellow Ash Leaves

You can acquire the Larch Resin by chopping down the tall yellow Larch Trees. There are at least two groves, the closest and easiest one to find is just north of the cabin, across the first river in a clearing surrounded by a rock enclosure. The opening to the clearing is fairly large and easy enough to find; you should see the blazing yellow trees from a decent enough distance

The two Larch Tree locations are circled in yellow in the image below.

Among Trees

Once you complete the update and the greenhouse is ready to rock, you will then need seeds to plant in the soil boxes. Seeds, at least so far, only come in two variations: Ivory Turnips and Ruby Beets.

You can pretty reliably find seeds in the breakable crates and locked boxes near destroyed metal towers in designated clearings throughout the map. The boxes and content of the locked crates seem to respawn every day or so, and it seems like the longer you wait to harvest them, the more items will respawn.

You will also need something to water the crops, in this case the Water Can. To craft the Water Can, you will need:

  • 2 Bolts
  • 2 Nails
  • 2 Stump Moss

Once you have the seeds and Water Can, which thankfully comes fully stocked with water once you craft it, you can begin your gardening. Simply approach each dirt bed with nothing equipped in your hands and you will be prompted to plant your seeds, which will result in two to three plants per box. From there you must equip the Water Can and hover the cursor over each individual plant stock, holding the left mouse key until the water droplet icon next to each crop fills up.

Among Trees

You must water each individual crop every day in order for them to grow successfully. If you miss even a single day, they will die and all will be for naught. However, if you can manage to water the Ruby Beet for two straight days and the Ivory Turnip for three or four days, you will have successfully leveraged your green thumb.

Now all that is left is to fire up the stove and start cooking some meals.

Cooked food typically offers about double the benefits of raw ingredients. In fact, some ingredients can’t even be ingested raw, such as the beets, so you will have to cook those in order to reap their benefits at all.

And why not spice it up a bit by adding in some fish meat from a fresh catch? If you need help catching fish in Among Trees, check out my fishing guide.

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1 year ago

i didn’t knew it that if i didn’t water the seeds every day i would lost them…i lost 3 seeds of each kind (the only two). I saw that even when i quit the game and start playing the same save game another game, the spots with de seeds to loot wasn’t there anymore. Must i restart the game because of that mistake or are there other way to get seeds? (appreciate the help, sorry for my broken english, it isn’t my first language)

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