A Hero and a Garden

If you’re a PS4 owner and a Platinum Trophy chaser, than you might want to check out a little game called A Hero and a Garden. The game is one of the easiest Platinum Trophies you can get, and it’s an adorable and emotional experience to boot.

If you get through the entire game, which will take you about two hours, you’ll be most of the way to earning that Plat. There is one last step, though which is to view all five endings.

There are two ways to do this that don’t involve a fresh playthrough. The first is to create a save file right after you pay off the town square, but before you tap the bell to visit the shop window (and trigger the ending).

A Hero and a Garden

Once you visit the shop window, you’re asked to choose who you want to go to the festival with. The character you choose here with will determine which ending you get. Once you’ve viewed an ending, simply load up your save file and go through that sequence of events over again, just make sure you choose a different character each time.

There’s an even easier way to see all the endings, though. Once you complete the game, go back to the start menu and select Gallery. Here, you can view “memories” or story sequences, and one of your options is THE FESTIVAL.

A Hero and a Garden

Choose that option, and you’ll go through the ending sequence again. Here, you can make a decision about who to attend the festival with, and you’ll be shown an ending based on which character you choose.

There are five endings in total, and each one has a Trophy associated with it. Once you view all five, the last of the Trophies should be yours, thus earning you the Platinum Trophy in A Hero and a Garden.

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