Cyberpunk Adidas

Update: It’s looking more and more likely that these are real. Read the new story here. The full original article is below.

It looks like Adidas might be getting onto the Cyberpunk hype train early. Although not yet officially unveiled, the Adidas x9000l4 Boost seems to be getting a limited version to tie into the Cyberpunk 2077 video game, which is slated to release November 19th of this year.

Sneak freak solebyjc gave the world its first sneak peak at this chic sneak. Although, if you ask me, these are quite garish to say the least. You can check them out below to experience them in all of their, uh… glory?

I mean, the color scheme is probably a sticking point that was mandated to give these shows the appropriate brand appeal. And the fact that they say Cyber and Punk really hits the nail on the head. But the odd plastic-looking purple sections, as well as the black-on-black leopard spots on the toe box, make these shoes look like they were designed by a disgruntled Adidas employee as a prank rather than anything official.

I would take this with a grain of salt, though. If you look at the third image in the twitter slide, there is a noticeable pink fin-shaped design that goes from the sole up on the side of the shoe. This doesn’t appear in any other image of the shoes, shown from multiple angles, which all show that area of the shoe as being black.

This could just be a color variant, but no other parts of the the shoe in that one image appear to be any different from the other images, so as a color variant it would be odd to have just that one small section of the shoe pink. Add to this the fact that Adidas hasn’t officially unveiled the shoe, and we could be in store for a solid hoax.

I will say this, though: I find these Adidas shoes to be incredibly unpleasant to look at, and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them. And even if I were caught dead in them, it would only be because I died from embarrassment for having worn them in the first place. And there’s already a ton of great Cyberpunk 2077-related merchandise on the way, so these seem a bit unnecessary.

I did, however, stumble upon the Converse All-Star Disrupt CX line of shoes and thought, “Now these look like Cyberpunk 2077 shoes.”

Cyberpunk Converse

All you have to do is compare these against any of the Cyberpunk 2077 footage we’ve seen so far (of which there’s a ton) to see how well these fit into that universe.

In fact, the Converse All-Star Disrupt CX shoes even show up if you do a Google search for “Cyberpunk shoes.” Now these, these I would definitely wear. Them purple jaguar dealies? Not so much.

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