The Long Dark

Forget your Monster Hunters and your Sniper Elites. Today’s Nintendo direct brought with it a bit of news that I have been waiting for since what seems like the dawn of time: The Long Dark has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch.

And with that announcement, everything is once again right in the world, we did it, y’all.

Donald Trump is still a moron? Don’t care! The Long Dark is finally on the Switch! Global warming? No worries, the tundras remain frozen in The Long Dark.

I think I just broke my arm falling out of my chair in response to the news. The Long Dark is finally available on Nintendo Switch, and nothing else matters. Well, actually a broken arm could hinder my ability to play The Long Dark, so I should probably get that looked at.

But seriously, The Long Dark is available on Nintendo Switch. If you head to the Nintendo eShop right now, you can nab a digital copy on sale for $31.49 (discounted from its $39.99 MSRP).

You check out the announcement trailer below, which, aside from the song choice, is a really awesome trailer.

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