There have been a few attempts at creating a dinosaur-themed survival game in the past — ARK: Survival Evolved springs to mind immediately. However, dinosaur-themed video games seem few and far between. There’s a long history of Jurassic Park games, for sure, but even those are rarer now than they used to be (with the occasional exception). Currently, dinosaurs seem like they have a lot of untapped potential in the world of video games.

Goner is a narrative-based survival horror game that looks to fill this gap. We’ve covered it before at Half-Glass Gaming, but a whole bunch of stuff has happened in the meantime, so it’s worth taking another look at it.

First off, the game’s Kickstarter was fully funded, which means Goner is off to the races. This is happening for sure now. There’s still time to back it if you want to, but this window will be coming to a close very soon. Head over to Kickstarter page now if you want to throw in some cash and secure your backer goodies while you still have a chance.

Additionally, a new trailer has been revealed, which shows off almost five minutes of gameplay. The gameplay footage is a bit slower in pace than the first-look trailer we posted a month ago, but that’s to be expected of a survival game. You’ll have long periods of inactivity where you can focus on the basic elements of survival (like eating food and such) punctuated with intense action moments.


We also get a peek at the user interface, which is minimalist and stylish. This could always change, as we’re seeing an early-in-development version, but I actually really like it.

There’s also so much darkness.

You can watch the Goner gameplay video below.

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