Fall Guys - Big Yeetus

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was updated to version 1.07 on PS4 today (they’re calling this “Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheetus” update). This update takes familiar stages and makes them slightly less familiar, since obstacles have been changed around a bit. Now, this isn’t exclusive to rotating hammers, but holy crap, there are so many rotating hammers that weren’t there before.

And the thing about these new obstacles is that they’re random. Sometimes they’re there, and sometimes they’re not.

For example, a section of The Whirlygig that used to be open space now has hammers. Check out the video below (the hammer section starts at about the 0:45 mark).

I also noticed that the final fan blade in the stage can now rotate in the opposite direction as before.

Sometimes, there’s an even bigger hammer on the first ramp in this stage. The name of this gammer is Big Yeetus, which explains the first half of the update’s title. If Big Yeetus is facing the right direction, you can take advantage of this giant hammer for a huge boost.

Fall Guys - Big Yeetus

Big Yeetus can also show up on See Saw, but I haven’t witnessed that for myself. I have, however, seen Big Yeetus at the end of Door Dash.

Fall Guys - Door Dash Hammer

Plus, I’ve even seen the smaller hammers showing up on Hit Parade.

Fall Guys - Hammers

This is definitely a fun way to mix things up just as Season 1 was starting to feel a little stale. The rest of this season is definitely going to be interesting (and then Season 2 will be here next month).

Here are the Fall Guys 1.07 (Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheetus) patch notes, straight from the Fall Guys Twitter.

  • [PC] Our new anti-cheating system for PC is now in!
  • [PC] Added ability to bind game actions to mouse buttons
  • [PS4] Improved stability when creating parties on PS4
  • Objects in certain rounds will now have dynamic variations from one playthrough to the next, including new objects entirely. We plan to expand this system in the future to more rounds.
  • [B I G Y E E T U S]
  • Improved stability when progressing from one round to another, there should be less disconnections in the qualification screen and round loading now.
  • Bug fixes in levels, spectator mode and improved resilience when network errors occur.
  • Fall Ball timer down to 120 seconds from 150 Lowered Min Player Counts for some levels to increase round variety

And here’s a Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheetus trailer:

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