We don’t yet know if Hades, the latest from Supergiant Games, is going to get a physical release on Nintendo Switch (though we speculate that it probably will), but the digital version is doing absolutely gangbusters right now. In fact, it’s the best-selling game in the Download-Only category in Nintendo’s eShop.

This probably comes as no surprise, as the game looks incredible, and it’s discounted at 20% off after its surprise 1.0 release announcement just a few days ago. Clearly, a lot of people took advantage of the early discount and started feverishly downloading Supergiant’s latest masterpiece.

The official Supergiant Twitter account celebrated this achievement with a tweet:

Ahem, that is to say, We’re very excited to announce Hades is currently the number one entry on the Nintendo Switch eShop Best Sellers list (for download-only titles, BUT STILL).

Thank you so much for playing!! Look happy you made @DarrenKorb!

The tweet includes a picture of a very happy Darren Korb holding his Nintendo Switch and pointing to Hades on the bestsellers list.

If you haven’t yet picked up Hades, you should get on that while it’s still discounted.

You can watch the Hades 1.0 launch trailer below.

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