THPS - San Francisco

Like every other non-competition stage in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, San Francisco has you collect the letters SKATE. However, this is probably the trickiest set of letters in the game, as most of the letters are hiding in places that take a little bit of work to reach.

When you bomb the hill at the beginning of the stage, the S will be off to your left on top of a concrete walkway. If you hug the left edge of the map and ride the ramp up, you can’t miss it.

Turn 180 degrees and head back toward the start. There’s a diner and a cop car next to a set of stairs. Get up to the top of the stairs, then turn around. You should see the K through the glass panels. You’ll have to do some tricky grind work over the roof of the diner to get into the room with the K.

The A is at the ramp transfer that it at the top of the hill where the trolly turns around.

The T is inside another room with glass walls, and the E is hidden inside the bank. Yes, these descriptions are getting pretty vague… So I’ve included a helpful video at the bottom of this article. This should help you out way more than my clumsy attempt at explaining all of this.

One last thing, though, is that I find this one to be easier with a fresh skater that doesn’t have high stats. Some of the jumps are really easy to overshoot when you have max Ollie and max Speed.

Ayway, here’s the video for how to collect SKATE in San Francisco in in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2. I hope it helps!

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