Spelunky 2 - Udjat Eye

The Udjat Eye is one of the most useful items in Spelunky 2, so you’re definitely going to want to know how to get it. Since everything in Spelunky 2 is randomly generated, there is some randomness involved here, but it does spawn pretty reliably despite that.

First of all, you’ll want to start from the beginning of the game, since the Udjat Eye will appear in stage 1-2 or 1-3. Basically, you need two things, and they should both spawn in the same stage.

First of all, you need a golden key.

Second of all, you need a doorway that looks like this:

Spelunky 2 - Udjat Eye

There are several doorways, but the one you’re looking for is in the very particular structure shown in the image above. Note the wide shape, with a smaller section off to one side. The structure you’re looking for will always look like this.

Once you have the key, bring it through the door, and inside you will find an ornate golden chest. Use the golden key to unlock the chest and you’ll acquire the Udjat Eye.

Spelunky 2 - Udjat Eye

So what does it do? The Udjat Eye gives you super sensory ability to find secrets in the game. You can see where gems are inside walls (similar to how the Spectacles work). Further, the Udjat Eye will help you find secret areas in the game, such as the Black Market and Vlad’s Castle.

So there you go! There’s a guide to the Udjat Eye in Spelunky 2.

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