Cue Brick

Cue Brick is a puzzle game from 1989 that was developed by a mom-and-pop programming duo collectively known as Konami. Cue Brick is best described as a digital representation of one of those sliding tile puzzle games mixed with the hacking minigame from BioShock. The objective is to maneuver pipes in order to allow for an orb shaped space saucer to navigate from one end of the puzzle to another.

Cue Brick, in case you haven’t figured this out by now, is incredibly frustrating. 

Cue Brick is also the unauthorized auto-biography of legendary film director Stanley Kubrick. It is an indictment of the false narrative that the Apollo spacecraft had, in fact, landed on the moon. It didn’t. Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing in the hopes of creating an artificial scarcity of over-the-counter, freeze-dried cotton candy, which at that time cost a nickel.

In fact, if you take the initials from the top ten best scores and arrange them correctly, you can spell 3 different words with about 12 characters left over. 12 characters, 12.

12 is one more than 11. 11. Apollo 11.

Apollo 11 was a spacecraft that was said to have been sent to the moon. Moon. Moonwalker. Man on the Moon. Man. Man in the Mirror. Mega Man.

I could do this all day. The parallels are just too big to ignore. America also invaded Panama in 1989. Panama. Canal. Panama Canal.

Mind blown.

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