Microsoft Announces EA Play Will Be Bundled with Game Pass Ultimate Starting Holiday 2020

EA Play

Just in time for the holiday season, but also to coincide with the next-gen Xbox hardware launches (including the recently confirmed Xbox Series S), Microsoft adds yet even more value to their subscription service.

By the end of this year, EA Play will officially be added to the Xbox Game Pass subscription at no additional cost to the user. This is a fantastic addition to an already incredible product. I may not extol the virtues of Microsoft’s first-party lineup, preferring my PS4 to my Xbox One S, but I will never disparage the Game Pass, Microsoft’s ace up its sleeve.

For $15 a month — usually with a sign-up bonus that gets you your first month for just $1 — you have access to a ton of games, including every Xbox Game Studio title the day of launch. And the list is ever changing, ever growing. And that $15/month for the Ultimate Game Pass gets you a Xbox Live Gold membership as well.

And now, with the addition of EA Play (which usually costs about $30 per year), you now get access to a ton of EA content as well. Even if you only play one EA game per year, this is a benefit that makes my friggin head explode.

Sony may have the games, but Xbox has the value. It will be interesting to see if Sony can leverage something similar to the Game Pass with PlayStation Plus, as digital subscription bundles might be the wave of the future.

I would venture to say that Sony should cut the free monthly PlayStation Plus titles and simply bundle their PlayStation Now service for free with Plus, but what do I know?

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