Xbox Series S

And just like that, the veil has been lifted and we now have confirmation of the existence of the Xbox Series S, as well as a price point and release date for the budget-friendlier version of the Xbox Series X. That’s right folks, the smaller of the two upcoming Xbox consoles (and smallest Xbox console to date), the Xbox Series S, will set you back $299.99 when it launches on November 10 of this year. It will be an all-digital box with no disc drive.

The Series X has also been confirmed to be priced at $499.99 and will also launch on November 10th. You can watch the Series S launch trailer below to get a look at the, um… interesting design aesthetic.

But now that it’s finally a real, tangible thing, and that the price and launch dates are seemingly set in stone, I can’t help but wonder why it took so long for the price and date to be revealed. These details have been shrouded in mystery for months, when it turns out, this is probably what everyone and their pop pop was expecting anyway.

Unless Microsoft is confident that the PS5 will cost more — or perhaps a lot more — there seems to be little reason to have waited so long before divulging two major details that will impact early adoption.

But we know now, so I guess there you go. I will, of course, be utilizing my Ultimate Game Pass — with Microsoft’s newly announced partnership with EA Play — on my new gaming PC, so I don’t foresee buying a new Xbox console. Now I’ll just have to wait and see now how much the PS5 will set me back.

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