Nexomon: Extinction

Nexomon: Extinction is an incredibly loveable little game that bears an uncanny resemblance to Pokémon series. It does some of its own things, of course, but you really can’t ignore the similarities between Nexomon and Pokémon. C’mon!

Like Pokémon, Nexomon: Extinction tasks you with catching ’em all. With almost 400 Nexomon, that’s not exactly a small task. However, there’s one trick that makes it slightly easier. You can actually tell which ones you’ve caught and which ones you haven’t.

The image below shows a snapshot of the game’s database (what would be the Dex in a Pokémon game).

Nexomon: Extinction

You can see there are different icons to the right of the name of each Nexomon. Brainipus has a teal triangle icon, which means I’ve caught one of those. Cerebrius has an upside-down white icon, which means I’ve encountered it but I haven’t yet caught it.

This icon is displayed during battle as well.

Nexomon: Extinction

The above image shows Lumbi, which I’ve already captured. No need to try to catch this little guy (unless I want doubles). Had I not yet caught one by this point, that icon would be white and upside-down.

This is a pretty simple feature, but it’s also quite helpful and easy to miss In fact, I was embarrassingly deep into the game before I figured this out myself. So don’t feel bad if you also failed to notice this.

Nexomon: Extinction is incredibly addictive, and I hope this little trick helps my fellow Nexomon tamers.

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