Nexomon: Extinction

The wonderful Pokémon-like Nexomon: Extinction released on PC, PS4, and Switch in August, but one console was sadly left behind. The Xbox One version of Nexomon: Extinction was delayed “to allow for further development,” though, at the time of the delay announcement, a release date wasn’t given other than mid-September.

Pqube has now officially announced, via the Nexomon Facebook page, that Nexomon: Extinction will be arriving on Xbox One on September 25.

At launch, the Xbox One version of the game will include both of the game’s major updates so far, which added a ton of new features. For example, the most recent patch added EXP Share and Cosmic Charms (AKA Shiny Charms in Pokémon lingo). The previous update added Spanish language support and the missing Nexomon Gradow. Both updates also squashed a whole lot of bugs.

Nexomon: Extinction

A New Game + mode is also on the roadmap for Nexomon: Extinction, but that hasn’t been added to the game quite yet.

This is good news for Xbox-owning Nexomon fans. If you’re just jumping into the game, you might find our complete guide to Nexomon evolutions and our guide to all nine starter Nexomon to be valuable resources.

Have fun out there, Nexomon trainers!

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