No Man’s Sky Origins Adds Sandworms and Space Jellyfish to Its Nearly Infinite Universe

No Man's Sky Origins

Hello Games left us with something of a mystery box last week, with the vague announcement for No Man’s Sky Origins. What could they have possibly been teasing?

Well, now we know. No Man’s Sky Origins, which is out today as a free update, updates the game to version 3.0. This is a refreshed vision for the game as a whole, increasing biodiversity and adding new biomes to the game.

These are the sorts of small changes that have a multiplication effect due to the game’s procedural generation. These are not additive tweaks, they’re changing the very foundation of the game itself. Perhaps the comparisons to the Foundation update were apt, then, due to the title. To me, this feels closer to No Man’s Sky Next, as it’s a coherent batch of changes and updates that make the whole game feel new again.

No Man's Sky Origins

As a longtime No Man’s Sky player (I’ve clocked around 300 hours in this thing at this point), here are just a few of the things I noticed in the trailer:

  • There appears to be fire in the game now.
  • There are massive technological marvels on the landscape now, such as hovering Death Stars and metal towers.
  • Binary star systems!
  • Space jellyfish?!?
  • Sandworms are finally in the game.

So, the last one is big, as there was a lot of outrage over the fact that No Man’s Sky showed a glimpse of a sandworm in one of their trailers, only to backpedal and launch a sandworm-free universe.

As I’m combing through the patch notes, I’m finding even more to marvel at. The UI has been redesigned. There are active volcanoes and firestorms. New crafting recipes have been added to the already long list of possibilities. Historical archives will let you uncover even more of the game’s lore. And on and on and on…

No Man's Sky Origins

This update feels way bigger than what I was expecting from the vague and meek explanation we got last week. No Man’s Sky Origins does feel like a pretty huge overhaul to the aging game universe, and it’s enough that I might dip my toes in once again. (I did play a little bit during the recent Desolation update, but I was quickly distracted by other games and sort of forgot about No Man’s Sky for a while.)

You can check out the full No Man’s Sky Origins trailer below, and warp over to the official No Man’s Sky website to get the full patch notes.

And if this feast of information still isn’t enough to leave you feeling stuffed full of No Man’s Sky goodness, here’s an IGN interview with Sean Murray about the scope of No Man’s Sky Origins.

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