Nexomon: Extinction

If you play games exclusively on Xbox consoles, you’ve probably been missing out on the Pokémon craze. Pokémon games tend to be exclusive to Nintendo consoles (with the exception of Pokémon Go and the fan-made unofficial Pokémon games).

In fact, if you’re an Xbox One owner, you also missed out on one of the greatest Pokémon clones in recent memory, Nexomon: Extinction, when it first launched back in August.

But today, your Pokémon itch can finally be scratched, as Nexomon: Extinction has made its way to Xbox One. Finally. We did mention this back when it was announced, but if you missed that announcement, now is your shot to get in on the whole Nexomon craze while it’s still hot, hot hot.

The Xbox One version should also include all of the past updates, which were surprisingly huge considering the game has only been out a month at this point.

So get out there, catch some Nexomon, and train them to… ahem… be the best.

If you’re a new player, or if you’re just getting ready to jump in, check out our complete guide to starter Nexomon, as well as our complete guide to Nexomon evolutions. And if you need some help with Synergy Cores (Nexomon’s version of EXP Share), we’ve got your back on that as well.

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