Red Dead Online Adds Bear Hunts and Rabbit Transformations in Today’s Tuesday Update (September 22, 2020)

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online, the multiplayer component of Red Dead Redemption 2, gets a fresh update every single Tuesday. While last week’s update was mostly about catching the PC and Xbox One versions up with the PS4 version (which got a few of the Legendary Rams early), this week Rockstar is adding some new bear hunts, as well as rabbit transformation.

For me, the rabbit transformation is probably the biggest new feature in today’s update (and I’ve created a full guide on how that works). A new Vitalism Studies Pamphlet is available at Harriet’s shop. For 8 Gold Bars, you can purchase this pamphlet, which will give you instructions on how to transform into a rabbit. Keep in mind that if you’ve done the Outlaw Pass, you should have a coupon for 5 Gold Bars off, reducing the pamphlet cost to only 3 Gold Bars.

Red Dead Online

As I mentioned earlier, there are two new Legendary Bears to hunt. Rather than being missions from Harriet, like a few of the most recent additions were, these ones can be found in the wild. The Legendary Owiza Bear can be found near the Dakota River, while the Legendary Ridgeback Spirit Bear can be found near Little Creek River.

There are rewards for participating in these hunts this week. If you can sample or skin either of them, you will get a free hat of your choice (under rank 15). Additionally, if you can sell one of their coats to Gus, you’ll earn a coupon for a free coat of your choice (this applies to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog, not to Gus’s coats).

Red Dead Online

If you take part in Vitalism Studies, you will be rewarded as well. Complete a rabbit transformation to earn a coupon for 50% off an Established or higher Naturalist Role item.

Aside from the two new coats that accompany the Legendary Bears, there’s not much new in the way of clothing, though a lot of the limited-time duds are still available. You can see more information about today’s update in the Dirty Tyler video below.

As always, there’s a new login screen to welcome our new furry friends to Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online
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