Red Dead Online

Vitalism Studies in Red Dead Online will give you the ability to transform into different animals. The second animal transformation in the game is the rabbit. Transforming into a rabbit works much the same as transforming into a buck, so see my full guide for more details on that. There are a few things unique to the rabbit, though.

First off, you must purchase the Vitalism Studies: Rabbit pamphlet from Harriet at any of her locations. It costs 8 Gold Bars, but if you earned a Vitalism Studies pamphlet coupon from the Outlaw Pass, you can apply that to this transaction and get the pamphlet for 3 Gold Bars. Not bad.

Once you have the pamphlet, simply read it for instructions on what to do.

First off, you’ll need to collect some Harrietum Officinalis. While the buck transformation cost 5 Harrietum Officinalis, the rabbit only costs 3. I posted a Dirty Tyler video that shows several locations of the herb in the previous guide, but I’ll post it again here.

Once you collect three of the herbs, you’ll have to find the location sketched on the pamphlet.

Red Dead Online

Yes, it’s pretty nondescript, just a fallen tree over some rocks, so it might be a bit tricky to find. I initially thought there was a stream between the rocks in the image, but there’s actually not. I eventually found the correct location in Tall Trees, northwest of Manzanita Post.

Red Dead Online

The location you’re looking for is actually under that log.

And here it is on the map.

Red Dead Online

Once you’re here, simply use the “Inspect” option to ingest your herbs and begin your new (albeit short) life as a rabbit. If you die or leave the designated area (or simply run out of time), you will transform back into human form.

In my rabbit time, I tried to befriend some other critters, including a bear. The bears didn’t seem to mind my presence, and I couldn’t get one to attack me as a rabbit. The rabbit is fast but small, and it doesn’t have an attack (like the buck does), so your rabbit activities are pretty limited. Still, it’s a fun way to spend a few minutes, I suppose.

Here’s footage of my rabbit transformation.

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