In Spelunky 2, there is a Trophy/Achievement called Shadow Shopper, which tasks you with finding the Black Market. So how does one go about finding the Black Market? Well, it’s a bit complicated.

The Black Market is located in the Jungle biome, but you’re not going to want to use a shortcut to get there. You’ll have to start from the very beginning of the game. The reason? You need the Udjat Eye, which you’ll acquire in stage 1-2 or 1-3.

I’ve already written up a detailed guide on acquiring the Udjat Eye, so check that out if you need help. Otherwise, proceed!

Spelunky 2 Quillback

The next step is fighting your way to the Jungle. When you complete stage 1-4 (after beating the Quillback boss), the Jungle will be the exit on the left (the exit on the right will take you to Volcana).

On one of the four Jungle stages (it’s all randomly generated, after all), the Udjat Eye should make a ping sound. This sound is guiding you to the location of the Black Market. If you can pinpoint the exact location, blow it open with a bomb and you’ll find a secret doorway.

That secret doorway should take you to the Black Market. Once you’ve entered, you should pop the Shadow Shopper Trophy/Achievement.

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