Mortal Shell

I really enjoyed the action-RPG Mortal Shell. It’s a fun little Souls-like that feels surprisingly polished considering it comes from a development team of only 15 people.

Clearly, I’m not not the only one who enjoyed it, as the game seems to have spawned a pretty massive fan base. And from that fan base has sprung a thriving speedrunning community.

In the video at the bottom of this article (provided courtesy IGN), the developers from Cold Symmetry react to a 30-minute Mortal Shell speedrun. It’s absolutely bonkers how fast this is, and getting to hear reactions from the people who made the game makes it all the more enjoyable.

This probably goes without saying, but since the video contains a full playthrough, there will indeed be spoilers. If you don’t want to have any of the game’s big surprises ruined for you, you’ll want to have completed the game before you watch this speedrun.

You have been warned. The full Mortal Shell speedrun video (with developer commentary) is below. Enjoy!

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