THPS - Secret Tape - NY City

Getting the Secret Tape in New York City in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 requires a little bit of prep work, but it’s not that difficult once you know the process. I’ll explain how in the guide below (and I’ve included a video at the very bottom that shows the exact location).

Note that this is the NY City stage from THPS2. If you’re looking for the Mall from THPS1 (which is also set in New York), I covered that in a previous guide.

So first, the prep work In order to get this secret tape, you must open the subway gate. That means you need to collect all five subway tickets (which is another challenge on your list for this stage). Once you’ve done that, the subway gate will open and you’ll be able to get to the area where the Secret Tape is hiding.

Now, I didn’t make a video of the five subway tickets, but thankfully, someone else did, so here’s that, in case you still need your tickets:

Another thing you might want to do is get your rail balance up, because you’ll be doing some rail grinding. This step isn’t necessary if you’re skilled at using the game’s rail balance mechanic, but it does make things a little bit easier.

THPS - NY City

Now, when you start the NY City stage, roll forward until the taxi passes on your right (otherwise it will run you over). Once it’s safe to cross the street, turn around 180 degrees and go into the subway entrance. When you get to the upper area (where the subway rails are), turn 180 degrees and then hop onto the rails. Ride the rails until you get over the chain-link constructions fence, then hop down. There should be a ramp that curves to the left.

THPS - NY City

Just follow this ramp to the end, and there will be a steel bar sticking out. You’ll need to grind that and then hop to the other bar to the left. This is a little deceptive, because this second bar begins earlier than it seems to. You’ll have to hop over to the second bar earlier than you might think on your first attempt.

If you can make the leap to the second bar, the Secret Tape in NY City should be yours.

Now, here’s that video that I promised:

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2 years ago

I never seem to be able to jump transfer to the left rail from the right one… how do you do that? I try holding left as I jump but I only seem to be able to jump about halfway between the two… am I too low on a certain stat?

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