Update: This has now been fixed in the Network Features Update. You can read the original article in its entirety below.

I was pretty psyched to see that Disgaea 4 Complete+ was a part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC library. I’m a huge fan of the Disgaea games, and Disgaea 4 might be my favorite entry in the series. I was glad to have an excuse to put together a starting party, do some tower leveling, and learn more about sardines.

Unfortunately, shortly after I started up the game, I ran into a problem:

The DLC Shop appears to be inaccessible for Game Pass players. While you can open the shop, you can’t receive any content, even if you’ve purchased it successfully. The problem appears to be a network error, but currently, there’s no way to resolve the issue. Network features are turned off in the game’s settings, and they can’t be turned back on.

Thankfully, NISA (Nippon Ichi Software America) does seem to be aware of the problem. In a Steam Community thread created on September 12, NISA_Daniel left the following comment:

Regarding the Game Pass DLC, we’re currently looking into the issue and are in communication with the necessary parties to get this issue resolved.

This issue will keep you from purchasing bonus items, such as extra Mr. Gency’s Exits or EXP boosting equipment. However, it shouldn’t prevent you from accessing DLC classes and characters like Celestial Hosts, Prism Rangers, and Kyoko. The extra characters and classes are designed to be post-game content and can be unlocked once you’ve beat the main story.

It’s possible to unlock this some of this content early by entering a code at the title screen. While “Continue” is highlighted, just type “I, J, L, I, J, L, K” on your keyboard. If you’ve entered the code correctly, you’ll hear Valvatorez say “Sardines!” I wasn’t able to input this code with my Xbox One controller, which could be an issue with button mapping.

Unless you really want to pay for Level Potions or 1 Million Hell, I’d recommend just playing the game normally. It seems like NISA is working to resolve the Network issues quickly, and you’ll be able to unlock all the bonus content once you’ve cleared the story. If you’re new to Disgaea, you should know that it’s filled with battle exploits. Every challenge is easier to overcome than it seems, and it’s pretty easy to get through the game without paying for any bonus items. Stick with it, and you’ll be enjoying the post-game before you know it.

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