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Let’s face it, Genshin Impact probably has way too many currencies. In fact, you know how a lot of MMORPGs add new currencies for specific things as time goes on, and by the time the game is a couple years old, it feels like a complicated mess? Genshin Impact feels that right out of the gate. For a new player, this can seem pretty overwhelming.

However, once you get used to all of these currencies, the game as a whole becomes easier to manage. What overwhelmed you initially will eventually feel intuitive. It might take hours and hours of gameplay, but you’ll eventually get there.

To speed the process along, here is a complete guide to currency within Genshin Impact.


Genshin Impact - Mora

I’m tempted to say that Mora is your main currency in Genshin Impact, but that’s not completely accurate. Mora serves the purpose of gold in your typical RPG, or gil in a Final Fantasy game, or RDO$ in Red Dead Online. Unlike those currencies, though, it doesn’t seem to serve much purpose beyond your base-level shopping. The more useful items and activities in the game will require other currencies.

What is Mora used for?

Mora is the currency you spend at your basic-level shops. Go to a tavern and you’ll pay Mora for drinks. Go to an item shop and you’ll pay Mora for crafting ingredients and potions. You can also buy bottom-tier weapons for Mora. You’ll generally have to pay a small fee in Mora for having a blacksmith forge you an item.

Later in the game, Mora will become much more useful, though, as there are fees associated with enhancing weapons and accessories, as well as ascending characters and items. These fees grow as the character or item becomes more powerful, so when you’re one or two ascensions deep, you’ll really start feeling the Mora drain.

How do you earn Mora?

You can earn Mora by completing quests and killing monsters, and it will also be rewarded for doing pretty much anything in the game. It will often be gifted to you randomly. In fact, it sort of feels like if you look away from your Mora tally for a few minutes, you’ll look back to find yourself swimming in the stuff. You can also buy Mora with many of the game’s other currencies (including Genesis Crystals).

Of course, when you get deeper into the game, your enhancements and ascensions start getting really expensive. The more characters you have, the more money you will need in order to keep their equipment leveling up with them. It’s likely you’ll be grinding Mora when you get into later parts of the game. Thankfully, it’s not that hard to get.


Genshin Impact - Primogems

Primogems are your other basic currency, though they’re much more useful (and much rarer) than Mora.

What are Primogems used for?

Primogems have one major use: They can be exchanged for other currencies. That doesn’t seem like a big deal on its own, but since Primogems are so easy to earn, they’ll quickly become the primary focus of your currency-grinding efforts.

How do you earn Primogems?

You’ll earn Primogems by doing just about anything in Genshin Impact. You’ll often earn them by completing quests. You’ll earn them by doing tasks in your Adventurer’s Handbook, and by completing achievements listed in your Achievements menu. You’ll earn them every time you open a chest. You’ll even earn them for reading the pop-up tutorials. Unlike Mora, however, you will not earn Primogems by slaying basic monsters.

Additionally, you can purchase Primogems with Genesis Crystals at an exchange rate of 1:1.

While you’ll earn Primogems for just about any activity in the game, they tend to arrive in small quantities. Opening a typical chest, for example, will give you 2-5 Primogems.

Genesis Crystals

Genshin Impact - Genesis Crystals

Genesis Crystals are Genshin Impact’s premium currency.

What are Genesis Crystals used for?

Genesis Crystals currently have two main uses (though I have a feeling they will have more uses once the in-game premium shop expands).

  • You can exchange Genesis Crystals for Primogems at an exchange rate of 1:1.
  • You can buy supply bundles from the in-game store’s Gift Shop page using Genesis Crystals. These bundles give you basic supplies such as level-up items, Mora, and Fragile Resin.

How do you earn Genesis Crystals?

Genesis Crystals can’t be earned through gameplay and must be purchased using real-world money. As is usually the case for premium game currencies, the larger the purchase quantity, the better the exchange rate.

Acquaint Fate

Genshin Impact - Acquaint Fate

There are two types of Fate in the game currently, and Acquaint Fate is the “more common” of the two.

What is Acquaint Fate used for?

Acquaint Fate will let you buy common wishes. A wish is basically a single shot at gambling for an unknown item. Wishing is the primary method for acquiring characters.

How do you earn Acquaint Fate?

You can trade many of the game’s other currencies for Acquaint Fate. One Acquaint Fate will typically cost you either 160 Primogems, 5 Starglitter, or 125 Stardust (though there are often discounts).

Intertwined Fate

Genshin Impact - Intertwined Fate

Intertwined Fate is the “rarer” fate. Neither is rarer than the other in actuality, as the exchange rates for both types of fate are exactly the same. However, the game sort of treats Intertwined Fate as the more desirable of the two.

What is Intertwined Fate used for?

Intertwined Fate will let you buy limited-time wishes. These operate the same as common wishes, only they give you chances at items and characters that have a limited window in which to earn them (I have a feeling limited-time characters will probably rotate in and out, though I can’t verify this with any certainty).

How do you earn Intertwined Fate?

You can trade many of the game’s other currencies for Intertwined Fate. Like Acquaint Fate, one Intertwined Fate will typically cost you either 160 Primogems, 5 Starglitter, or 125 Stardust (though there are often discounts).

Masterless Stardust

Genshin Impact - Masterless Stardust

Masterless Stardust is a byproduct of making wishes, and it is yet another shop currency.

What is Masterless Stardust used for?

Masterless Stardust can be exchanged for items in the Paimon’s Bargains sections of the in-game Shop. You can purchase things like experience items, Mora, and crafting materials. Most importantly, you can exchange Masterless Stardust for Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate. Each Fate normally costs 125 Masterless Stardust, though there are often discounts.

How do you earn Masterless Stardust?

A small amount of Masterless Stardust is earned as a bonus for making wishes. The only way to earn it (that I know of so far) is to make wishes.

Masterless Starglitter

Genshin Impact - Masterless Starglitter

Masterless Starglitter is the rarer version of Masterless Stardust. Well, it might be more accurate to say that Masterless Stardust is the more common version of Masterless Starglitter (I imagine Masterless Stardust being the equivalent of gold dust).

What do you use Masterless Starglitter for?

Similar to Masterless Stardust, Masterless Starglitter can be spent in the Paimon’s Bargains sections of the in-game Shop. Here, you can purchase weapons and even characters. If you want to go for Fate, though, one Fate costs only five Masterless Starglitter.

How do you earn Masterless Starglitter?

Masterless Starglitter is another byproduct of making wishes. As far as I can tell, it seems Masterless Starglitter will only be earned if you acquire a four-star or better item or character.

Original Resin

Genshin Impact - Original Resin

Okay, so Original Resin is kind of a weird one. It’s a limited resource that’s on a timer, and you can only hold 120 Original Resin at once. There are ways to get around that limitation, but I’ll talk more about that later.

What is Original Resin used for?

You will need to spend Original Resin in order to unlock certain rewards. This is primarily for Ley Line Blossom rewards and certain boss fights. Once you complete a Ley Line challenge or boss fight, you will need to spend Original Resin to open the rewards chest.

How do you earn Original Resin?

Original Resin regenerates over time, but you can only hold 120 at a time. If you need to instantly generate some, you can spend Primogems to do so, up to six times per day. However, every time you do this in a single day, the price increases.

You can also regenerate Original Resin by using Fragile Resin. If you have Fragile Resin, it makes sense to hold onto it until you absolutely need it, since this is the way to get around the 120 limit. If, say, you have 5 Fragile Resin on you, it’s the equivalent of holding 300 Original Resin (plus 120, if your Original Resin is full).

Fragile Resin

Genshin Impact - Fragile Resin

Fragile Resin is more of an item than a currency, but it does show up in the Precious Items tab in your inventory alongside many of the other currencies on this list. It’s also worth knowing about in relation to Original Resin.

What is Fragile Resin used for?

Fragile Resin replenishes your Original Resin. One Fragile Resin will restore 60 Original Resin.

How do you earn Fragile Resin?

Fragile Resin is pretty rare, but I’ve seen it show up as rewards for gaining Adventure levels. You can also sometimes get it as one of the items in a bundle in the Gift Shop.

Anemo Sigils

Genshin Impact - Anemo Sigil

Anemo Sigils are a currency specific to Mondstadt and the surrounding region, as Mondstadt’s element is Anemo.

What are Anemo Sigils used for?

You can use Anemo Sigils to buy rare level-up items (as well as the much-sought-after Memory of Roving Gales), though they can only be traded in at a specific shop in Mondstadt. You’ll trade them to Marjorie at the With Wind Comes Glory shop (right across from Kathryn’s stall at the Adventurers’ Guild). Marjorie’s shop is the diamond icon on the Mondstadt map.

Genshin Impact - Mondstadt

How do you earn Anemo Sigils?

Anemo Sigils can be found in the region surrounding Mondstadt. Opening chests in this region will earn you Anemo Sigils, as will leveling up Statues of the Seven.


Genshin Impact - Anemoculus

Anemoculus is one type of elemental Oculus in the game. Anemoculous can be spent at any Statue of the Seven in the region surrounding Mondstadt.

What is an Anemoculus used for?

When you worship at a Shrine of the Seven in Mondstadt (or the surrounding area), you can spend Oculi to level up the statue. Leveling up the statue will increase your stamina, as well as granting you a slew of additional rewards. All Anemo statues are linked, meaning if you level one up, all of the statues in the region will level up as well.

How do you earn Anemoculi?

You can find Anemoculi hiding in random places in the area surrounding Mondstadt, and sometimes there will be a puzzle attached. If you are close to one, there will be a sparkle icon on your map.

Geo Sigils

Genshin Impact - Geo Sigil

Geo Sigils are the Geo-elemental equivalent of Anemo Sigils for the Liyue region.


Genshin Impact - Geoculus

Like Anemoculi, Geoculi are a type of elemental Oculus, only these ones are aligned to Geo instead of Anemo.

What is a Geoculus used for?

When you worship at a Shrine of the Seven in the Liyue region, you can spend Oculi to level up the statue. Leveling up the statue will increase your stamina, as well as granting you a slew of additional rewards. Geo Statues are all linked, but they level up separately from Anemo Statues.

How do you earn Geoculi?

You can find Oculi scattered throughout the world, and sometimes there will be a puzzle attached. If you are close to one, there will be a sparkle icon on your map.

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