The Survivalists - Teleporter

Sure, sailing around the pixelated world of The Survivalists on an itty-bitty raft is cool and all, but did you know you can also instantly zap yourself to virtually any piece of land on the map via teleporter? Now that’s how you travel in style.

Of course, like so many other things in The Survivalists, teleporters are not exactly straightforward to use. So here is a complete guide to using teleporters in The Survivalists.

How to build a teleporter in The Survivalists

The Survivalists - Teleporter

You will likely unlock the teleporter blueprint pretty early in the game, as it’s available as soon as you’ve made a raft. So, you’ll need to build a campfire, then a small chest, then a crafting bench, and finally a raft. Once you do, you’ll have unlocked the teleporter blueprint.

Due to how easy this is to unlock, you might be tempted to think it’s going to be a pretty simple task. Unfortunately, it’s anything but. This is one of the most tedious things to craft in The Survivalists, and it requires you to visit multiple biomes and learn a good deal of your late-game crafting recipes.

To craft a teleporter, you’ll need the following:

  • 3 wooden slats
  • 2 gold frames
  • 2 power gems

The wooden slats are easy. You can make them on a workbench using two timber and one rope (and rope can be made by hand with two long grass).

The gold frames are a bit more time-consuming, as they require a pretty sizeable amount of gold ingots. (I’ll get into finding gold in the next section of this guide, since gold deposits and gem stone deposits are often found in the same area). You’ll craft gold frames at the forge, and the prerequisites are: nails, then gold nails, then gold plate, then gold frame. Each gold frame requires:

  • 2 gold sheets
  • 1 gold nails

Gold nails are built from two gold ingots, and gold sheets are made from three gold ingots. So, for each frame, you will need eight gold nuggets, for a total of 16 (so you can craft two frames).

The gold frames are a bit tedious to craft, but that’s not the hardest part of this process. The power gems are where you’ll really run into problems, as those are pretty rare and they must be refined multiple times.

How to make power gems

The Survivalists - Gem Stones

First, you’ll find some gem stones. Then you’ll refine them into power gems.

You can usually find gold and gem stones in the same areas, though gem stones are much rarer than gold. The volcano biome is where most people will tell you to look, and that seems to be the best place to find gems. Of course, keep in mind that not all volcano areas will have lava. You’re looking for the rocky desert-like areas that have a lot of dead trees and animal bones.

The Survivalists - Volcano

You can see what this biome typically looks like in the screenshot above. If you look closely, you can also see a gem stone deposit sticking out from behind the cliffside.

There won’t be molten lava or hot ground in every patch of volcano biome, but there won’t be gem stones in every one either. One place to try looking is inside caves, as I’ve found several deposits clustered together while exploring caves in volcano areas.

Of course, you might need to find a way to keep yourself cool if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in volcano areas. There are dark patches of ground here, and if you step on them, your character will catch fire and take damage.

The Survivalists - Gem Stones

The damage isn’t that bad, though, and I typically just run in, grab the gem stones I need, then run out. Once I’m done, I’ll eat some health-regenerating food and cool off for a bit.

If you really want to avoid damage, though, you can craft a glass bottle (clean water). In order to do that, you will need a cooking pot (you’ll unlock the cooking pot blueprint once you’ve built a forge). Buckle up, this one takes a bit of work, but you’ll probably want to have done this anyway since it will help you out once you get to the next section of the teleporter-making process.

The cooking pot is made using six pebbles and one bucket. Here are the ingredients for the bucket, which you make at the forge:

  • 1 metal nails
  • 2 metal sheets
  • 1 hinge

Once you have your cooking pot, you can use it to cook up a glass bottle (clean water). You’ll have to craft a fruit smoothie to unlock this recipe, but once you do, the glass bottle (clean water) requires:

  • 2 charcoal
  • 1 dirty water
  • 1 glass bottle
The Survivalists - Clean Water

The charcoal is the easiest part, because there are several ways to acquire it. You can make charcoal by burning timber in a campfire (or at the cooking pot), and you can also collect it by chopping down the dead trees in the volcano biome. In fact, you can even chop down trees and dig up stumps to uncover more charcoal (these can be any trees, including palm trees, the bushier trees in forests, and the dead trees in volcano areas).

Dirty water takes a bit more effort. You’ll have to first craft a makeshift bowl, which you can craft by hand with two palm leaves. Then, take the bowl to the ocean and use it to scoop up some dirty water. (Highlight the makeshift bowl in your inventory menu and you should see a reticle in front of you. If you’re playing on PS4, you can hit the square button to scoop up the water.)

The Survivalists - Dirty Water

The glass bottle requires a forge. Dig up some sand from the beach using your shovel, then make glass sheets in the forge from the sand (it’s four sand and one pebbles per glass plate). Then use two glass plates to make a glass bottle. That means you’ll need eight sand and two pebbles to make a single glass bottle.

Once you have all three ingredients (glass bottle, dirty water, charcoal), go to the cooking pot, combine them, and give them a good stir with your multitool. Now you have yourself a bottle of clean water. Drinking this gives you a temporary buff that protects you from the damaging effects of heated ground.

So, now that you’ve found the gems, you must refine them. At the forge, you can use two gem stones to make one refined gem. If you haven’t made a labrynth gem, you’ll have to do that next, which requires two refined gems.

Now, the game does something a little bit cheeky here. The power gem is also made from two refined gems. You don’t need to make labyrinth gems to refine into power gems. If you use all your gem stones to make labyrinth gems, you’ll need to go farm some more gems stones and start over. (If you’re wondering what the labyrinth gems do, they’re for repairing the elemental weapons that you find in labyrinths.)

The Survivalists - Gem Stones

So, you will need eight gem stones. Refine those into four refined gems, then refine those into two power gems (skipping the labyrinth gems). Keep in mind that if you haven’t yet forged a labyrinth gem, you’ll also need to make one to unlock the power gem recipe. So if that’s the case, you’ll actually need to farm 12 gem stones (to refine into six refined gems, which you’ll refine into one labyrinth stone and two power gems).

And keep in mind that you’ll want to build a second teleporter, so you should probably farm 20 gem stones, and a few extra to be safe (in case you accidentally make labyrinth gems instead of power gems).


Once you’re done with that, you can press R2 (on PS4) to open your blueprint menu, select the teleporter, and build it. One teleporter takes up two side-by-side floor tiles instead of just one (similar to a workbench), and obviously, it can only be built on land.

Oh, and don’t worry about monsters coming through teleporters. They don’t do that. However, you might want to build some walls around your teleporter to protect it from being destroyed in a raid.

You’re not done yet, though. Once you’ve finished constructing your first teleporter, you’ll need to power it. And that requires another resource called glowing rock.

Where to find glowing rock

The Survivalists - Glowing Rock

Glowing rock looks much like gem stones, only it’s bright green instead of red.

Glowing rock only exists in one biome, my least favorite biome in the game, the swamp. Yuck. If you’re super lucky (like I was), you might find a deposit or two on a beach next to a swamp biome (as shown in the screenshot above). If not, you must brave the swamp.

If you’ve been looking for fruit (mangos), it grows in the swamp biomes as well, so you might want to bring an axe with you to chop down some fruit trees.

Anyway, not only is the swamp densely packed with foliage, making it difficult to see (similar to the forest biome), but it also has some dangers that don’t exist anywhere else in the game. There are the impassable tar pits, which make navigation even trickier, and then there are the bugs.

Dear god, the bugs.

Whenever you’re walking in the swamp, you will be attacked by swarms of bugs. While they’re not super deadly (much like the fire in the volcano biome) they make a lot more noise and discolor the edges of the screen with a reddish tint. I hate them.

The Survivalists - Swamp

There is a way to avoid bugs, however. You simply have to make a glass bottle (elixir). This is the next step after glass bottle (clean water) in your cooking pot menu, so you’ll have to craft that first. I’m not going to walk through it again, so check out the previous section of this guide for an excruciatingly detailed step-by-step walkthrough. At this point, I’m going to expect that you’ve done that already and move on. (This guide is already getting out of control.)

Once you’ve crafted the glass bottle (clean water), you should have unlocked the recipe for the glass bottle (elixir). Thankfully, the hard part is over. To craft an elixir, you’ll need a glass bottle (clean water), one bone, and three petals.

If you’ve made it this deep into the game, I’m assuming you have massive stockpiles of these items already, but if not, the bones come from killing animals, and the petals come from destroying bushes in the forest (or cutting patches of tall grass).

Drinking the elixir will give you a buff that protects you from insects. Find a swamp, chug an elixir, and try to find some glowing rock before the buff wears off. It’s pretty rare, so it might be smart to bring a few elixirs instead of just one.

How to use the teleporter in The Survivalists

The Survivalists - Teleporter

Okay, so once you’ve built your first teleporter (and powered it up), you won’t be able to use it until you’ve built a second one. You can only travel from one teleporter to another. This means you’ll have to build two teleporters before you can even use the first one. Eventually, though, you’ll have a massive network of the things, letting you zap your way around the world map in the blink of an eye. (To clarify, you can zap from any teleporter to any other teleporter in the world — you don’t have to build them in pairs.)

I actually like to build a teleporter near the entrance to every labyrinth, which makes traveling from any labyrinth to my base (and vice versa) super fast.

So, build a teleporter, power it with a glowing rock, then build a second one and power that with a glowing rock as well.

Remember that your raft will stay wherever you left it. If you sail really far away, then use the teleporter to get back to your base, it’s probably faster to just build another raft than it would be to ride the old one all the way back. I actually try to leave a raft near every teleporter I make so I don’t have to ever worry about being without a means of travel.

So, once you have a powered teleporter, simply walk up to it and press the action button (X on PS4). This will open up the map. Navigate the cursor to whichever teleporter you want to travel to and boom, you’re off.

The Survivalists - Teleporter

One glowing rock will get you ten trips, and you spend one of those trips at the teleporter you’re traveling from, not the one your traveling to. There’s a number on each teleporter that shows how many trips you have remaining.

Now, I’ve noticed that my teleporters seem to regenerate their charges over time. I’m not sure if this is a game bug or if it has something to do with the world regenerating every blood moon. Whatever the reason, I’ve never had to use a second glowing rock on a teleporter.


And that’s how you use teleporters in The Survivalists. I think this guide is pretty complete, but if there’s anything I missed, feel free to ask about it in the comments section below.

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Tnx man !

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This is really helpful, but I do have a question. Can you bring animals you are trying to take (boars, tigers, etc) through the teleporters?

Kimberley Hare
Kimberley Hare
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Really helpful! Do your monkeys come through the teleporter with you?

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