Carto - Cawtet

In Carto, there is a Trophy called Cawtet, which asks you to “Listen to the quartet of birds.” Any idea what that means? We know! So here’s a complete guide to earning the Cawtet Trophy in Carto.

This one is available in Chapter 6 (if you’re using Chapter Select, this is actually 6-2: Forest). It requires you to find four bright blue birds and bring them together. Each of them is on one corner of a specific tile, so you’ll have to arrange the four tiles in such a way that the birds are all in one place.

So here are the four tiles you’re looking for:

Carto - Cawtet

And here’s how they should be arranged:

Carto - Cawtet

Once you arrange the tiles properly (make sure the four birds are together), they’ll start singing, then fly away. The Cawtet Trophy should pop, and you’ll have acquired Secret Piece III.

You can find other Secret Pieces by completing other Trophies in Carto.

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