Carto - Frosty Friend

There’s a Trophy in Carto called Frosty Friend, which asks you to “Finish snowman buddy.” Obviously, you’ll have to complete the snowman in Chapter 9 to pop this Trophy. It’s mostly easy, but the final step is actually pretty tricky. So here’s a complete guide to earning the Frosty Friend Trophy in Carto.

There are four parts to find: body, head, arms, and hat. Most of the snowman pieces (the body, arms, and head) can be found on the square iceberg. I’ve made an image that shows where all three things are located.

Carto - Frosty Friend

Keep in mind that you can’t pick up the body, so you’ll have to bring the other pieces to it.

The snowman hat is the tricky part. You’ll have to start at the signpost, then solve the slippery ice challenge. It’s a bit hard to explain, so here’s a video of the solution:

Once you have all of the snowman pieces, return to the bottom piece and put it all together. Once you activate it, you should pop the Frosty Friend Trophy.

And like the Not So Sharp Trophy, completing this one gets you a puzzle piece (this one is Secret Piece VI).

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