Carto - Ground of Applause

In Carto, there is a Trophy called Ground of Applause, which asks you to “Give a plant your full support.” Because that description is so vague, you’re probably wondering what that’s all about. But worry not, friend, for I’ve created a complete guide to earning the Ground of Applause Trophy in Carto.

You’ll stumble upon this one in Chapter 2. Toward the end of the chapter, you take part in a musical ceremony (showed in the image at the top of this article). If you clap, there’s a plant near the hut that will vibrate. Make a note of this plant, because you’ll need to interact with it later.

After the ceremony, you’ll go to sleep, then wake up the following morning. Once you do, go back to that plant and intract with it. You will clap your hands and the plant will wiggle some more. Keep doing this until it sprouts a red flower. Once the flower opens, interact with the plant and you should pop the Trophy.

Carto - Ground of Applause

You’ll also get Secret Piece II for earning this Trophy. (You can get more Secret Pieces by doing the game’s other Trophy challenges, such as Frosty Friend, Strange Catch, and Not So Sharp.)

And that’s how you earn the Ground of Applause Trophy in Carto.

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1 year ago

You can also get this in chapter 4 when you revisit the grasslands.

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