Carto - Home Sweet Home

In Carto, there is a Trophy called Home Sweet Home, which asks you to “Visit the airship.” So what is this all about? Well, here’s a complete guide to earning the Home Sweet Home Trophy in Carto.

To unlock the airship, you must collect six Secret Pieces. Each one corresponds with one of the game’s Trophies/Achievements. I’ve already created complete guides to collecting every piece, so I won’t repeat that here. But here are links to guides for all six pieces:

Once you’ve collected all six, head to the main menu and select the “Secrets” option. This is where those secret pieces are collected. When assembled, they will create the airship.

The airship is a chill place where you can hang out with Carto’s grandmother and look at character concept art. It’s a nice little reward for discovering all of the secrets across Carto‘s puzzle-solving game experience.

And that’s how you earn the Home Sweet Home Trophy in Carto.

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